Who Else Wants to Finally Get Into Shape, Drop Pounds of Fat, and Start Feeling Energized, Powerful and Strong All Day Long?  

Jump Start Your Fitness Program With PURSUIT!  


Express 30 Minute Classes in Battery Park City Every Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7pm  

Dear fellow Gateway neighbor, 

Have you tried again and again to get fit, in shape, and strong - but are frustrated with your lack of results?  

Are you tired of trying fitness programs that promise change but find yourself losing interest and unable to stick with the commitment? 

Are you ready to try something totally different and to experience dramatic results over the next few weeks?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to read every single word of what I am about to say!  

Hey! I'm Dr. Laura Miranda (your fellow Gateway neighbor)

For the last 10 years I have been running successful outdoor group fitness programs in Battery Park (at sunrise.) 

I use a little-known training system in these outdoor workouts that have been getting my clients inspiring results, month after month, year after year. 

The backbone of this system is SHORT WORKOUTS, with the heavily researched and proven methods of interval strength training, quick and focused cardio bursts, all strategically layered together to maximize results.

 --------> But honestly, who cares? <---------

NONE of that even matters if you don't get started, or stick with it. 

The biggest obstacles that I have seen over the years that prevent people from getting started in their fitness program (and sticking with it long enough to work) is "no time", lack of motivation, lack of a clear planned strategy, and... trying to do it all ALONE.  

 - this program solves all of those problems.  

And as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have poured all three of my degrees into fine tuning this system that leaves you lean, elevated , inspired and energized, and NOT pumped up, beat down, and depleated.

  • SIMPLE BLUEPRINT - no guessing, no will power. Just follow the simple plan.
  • TEAM TRAINING - The secret sauce is in the power of the group being dedicated and accountable to each other, which expontentially fuels the dedication and accountiblity to yourself! 
  • COMMITMENT & CONSISTENCY - your coach (me!) is with you ever step of the way 
  • SHORT, FOCUSED SESSIONS - no hype, no wasted time on fluff.  
  • LOW COST - you get to share the cost of a trainer but reap all of the benefits of working with me 1on1 (just not at the $185 /hour pricetag!) 

I've spent my entire career customizing programs busy people like you that want the results, in less time.  

For all of these reasons, I begged Gateway to let me offer this program to you, right in our own backyard (couldn't get any closer than that!) and allow me to share this exact team training experience with you! 

  Are you ready to transform your body and your life? 

Dr. Laura: Doctor Of Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, author, speaker, dog lover!


Does This Sound Like You? ARE YOU...

  • Desperate to LOOK and FEEL better in your clothes and in your life?
  • Sick of wasting valuable time or money on programs that don't work? 
  • Looking for a proven way to shed unwanted fat and build strong, lean muscle?
  • Lacking the motivation and energy to get started?
  • Stuck and confused on how to even start? Cardio? Weights? Running? 
  • Tired of being unmotivated and uncommitted despite REALLY wanting to change?
  • Busy as hell but are ready to make time to get STRONG and LEAN and in shape?
  • Looking for a way to finally put yourself first, without feeling guilty about being away from kids or fam?  
  • Dreading the gym because after a long day at work, the LAST THING you want to do is crawl back indoors to a dark gym to exercise?
PURSUIT Battery Park City

 Let me tell you more about why streamlining your workouts to just 30 minutes with a proven fitness system, and doing it along side a team of motivated men and women, will save you valuable time and money, and leave you feeling results after your first workout! 

INTRODUCING PURSUIT! Get Lean, Get Strong, Get Energized, All in Just 30 Minutes

No complicated formulas. Just commit to yourself, show up, and feel results after your first workout! 

Get a simplified blueprint to finally feel fit and strong for the long haul

Imagine feeling like the strongest and most confident version of yourself

Finally feel lean and powerful in your clothes, at your job, and all social sitautions! 

Tap into the group energy and motivation that comes from training alongside a team! 

Gain the energy that you need to power your busy day and hectic life

Check Out The Results People Just Like You Are Experiencing... 



PURSUIT workout battery park results

What should you expect from PURSUIT? THIS WORKOUT WILL...  

  • Systematically infuse results-driven cardiovascular and progressive strength training movements for a workout that will that will awaken every muscle in your body and leave you feeling like you can take on the world! 
  • Our unique training format layers together intervals and perfectly timed rest periods that will keep your mind and body engaged and actually having fun! 
  • Leaving you leaner, meaner, and drenched to the core!
  • Get your metabolism firing on overdrive for the rest of the day (known as the "afterburn!")
  • Be Short, Fast, and FUN! Workout sessions that mix total body strength training with cardio conditioning intervals that are guaranteed to spike your metabolism above and beyond what "cardio" workouts could ever provide
  • Save you time and money on gym/childcare/travel costs! NO wasted time to the gym - we are right in the backyard.

ALL fitness levels welcome; some past experience with basic exercise is recomended.  

All sessions designed and lead by doctor of physical therapy, Dr. Laura Miranda, calling upon 2 decades of clinical research in movement science and in-the-trenches experience in performance enhancement! 

REGISTER 3 Simple Ways to Get Fit 

All classes take place every Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-7pm on Gateway's North Lawn

$25/class $100

  • 4 Consecutive Classes PLUS...  
  • Before & After Assessment & Measurements
  • Simplified At-Home Training Program  
  • Performance Nutrition Blueprint

Classes must be used consecutively from 1st use. Expire 2 weeks from 1st class used.

Register for the
14-Day Jump Start

$27/class $135

  •  5 Classes  

Classes can be used anytime within the next 2 months. All unused classes expire 2 months from date of purchase.

Register for 5 Classes

$29/class $29 

  •  1 Class  

Class expires 7 days from date of purchase. 

Register for 1 Class

- 14-DAY JUMP START PROGRAM - Here's How It Works 


  • 4 Consecutive PURSUIT Classes Team-based training so you can tap into the energy and motivation of others like you to help ensure your commitment and accountability!  
  • Performance Nutrition Blueprint We give you exactly what and how to eat in the next 14 days in order to accelerate your results and fuel your success!  
  • Simplified At-Home Training Program This removes all will power and confusion; just follow the plan and continue to maximize your results when not in class!  
  • Before & After Assessment & Measurements Track your stats so you can see your progress in real time to stay focused and accountable!  


The total cost of the program is just $100.  

The investment is real, and so are the results! This is a serious program for those who are committed to finally feeling and SEEING a difference!  




(Don't wait. Space is extremely limited!)